The most successful people I ever knew had mentors.

One of the greatest challenges of Leadership is finding good counsel. Leaders naturally tend to wall themselves off and do it all by themselves. The payment for executive isolation is extreme. The pressure builds, the voices in the mind multiply, and soon it’s hard to tell what you really believe behind the mental static.

Ideally, there’s someone who is a safe connection. Someone you can lay it out for, who is up to the challenges you encounter. A colleague yes, but also skilled in listening objectively and asking the practical questions: “What is going to happen Monday morning? How will you state it, tell the story, and handle the predictable outcomes? How will this change what goes on next week or next year?”

Our perceptions are, by their very nature, subjective. So an objective viewpoint from an ethical colleague is something of great value that we simply can’t create for ourselves. Good counsel lights a clearer path.

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