JR StJohn influence and impact: A list of representative projects
  • Consulted on the merger of two top five advertising agencies, including:
    – Assisting the Senior Management Team in creating the new worldwide positioning statement.
    – Facilitating the strategic merger plan.
    – Choreographing the merger announcement news conference.
    – Introducing presenting and pitching skills disciplines to the International Leadership Conference.
    – Shepherding the new communication standards and corporate story through 36 global offices to kick off the new look, sound, name and feel.
  • Established evaluation standards and critiqued the entire print communication portfolio for a top five mutual fund family.
  • Chaired the business plan development team for a mutual fund after a series of failed merger/buyout opportunities. The firm broke back into the top ten in four years.
  • Facilitated the originating strategic business plan for a direct-to-customer mutual fund as part of an elder fund family.
  • Trained the creative and account services teams for a top five global ad agency to present strategic alternatives, sell completed creative campaigns, and pitch for new business.
  • Authored and Executed a multi-year strategic sales development plan for a top five insurance annuity group.
  • Coached and Counseled the three leaders of a top five annuity group. Met monthly with each of the teammates to discuss management tactics and strategies, position the new firm, and lay out training and strategic objectives for a three year period. Scripted and produced national sales meetings while writing and coaching the CEO for his keynote presentation.
  • Delivered Keynote Address at a national meeting for a top three insurance group introducing the Process and Story Development Strategies and Methods. Conducted 11 simultaneous presentation training sessions as part of that national conference, then facilitated the introductory rollout of the new national product story.
  • Anchored a management practices executive forum for a top ten mutual fund family. Held twice monthly team development meetings and fielded challenges and issues raised by individual team members for discussion by the entire forum.
  • Advised a top five mutual fund family on a 50 year naming and logo tradition.
  • Collaborated with a top five mutual fund family to consolidate their story development process across the field sales force, the internal sales desk, and the marketing department/sales literature organization.